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Swetha Raghunathan

Two Gods

We both canít win

And we both canít lose

Are we going to be caught forever

In this life threatening embrace.

The world needs us to be like this

More together than apart

So that it stays together

But I need to practice my tandav and you your piety

What difference does another apocalypse make

To the destroyer and the creator

So lay down your arms and I will mine

Why do you trust me so little?

I will gain nothing by a petty deceit

I promise not to betray you

Like you did me in the Shining Mountain 5 eons ago

We can resume the quarrel and pose

Once the world is burnt and lit again

I promise you shall not lose your advantageous position


On seeing the world

Yesterday I saw the world

Yesterday I saw you

Magnificent and luminous

You stopped by my doorstep

I looked on thoughtless

Speechless, just less

Too stunned to be even

Aware of my lessness

I waited for

the haze to lift

the dream to end

my anklets to tingle

But it was real

you where there

giving me a complete world-view

a vishwa darshan


The Gopika Song

That impossible rescue, lost my senses

Dropped all fences, lead to you

Enmeshed by thirst, deadly but pure

Be my cure, be mine first

Ocean of blue, drown me blindly

Swiftly and kindly, in your hue

Lead me away, from these lands infernal

To find bliss eternal, within your sway

Accept my surrender, sacrifice my being

O creature all seeing, to my lender

This copy is posted as it was received. It has not been edited by TLM

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