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The Little Magazine considers work from all parts of the world. If you wish other people to critique your work, please mail it to us as a Word attachment to littlepeople (at) littlemag.com. If you are unable to handle attachments, please use the form below to submit your work. We will put it up for public viewing and people would comment on your work on the site. Please note that we prefer attachments. The contents of a form submission will not retain your formatting and there may be errors in reproduction.

UPDATE: Friends, we regret to inform you that the TLM Gnome, who reads all the mail here, had to be put under sedation yesterday after excessive exposure to Viagra advertising. Spammers got to him through the form below and confirmed the worst suspicion that every gnome harbours: that he is small all over.

We have temporarily disabled the critique service as a staff health precaution. For the time being, please submit work only for the print magazine, including the Open Space section. And don't try to use the form, which is switched off. Mail your submission directly to gnome (at) littlemag.com, so that he can look at it when he's better. You may also send him flowers and chocolate at the same address. Thanks for being supportive.



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Large submissions or artwork should be emailed as an attachment with the above information at littlepeople (at) littlemag.com