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Go through my little thinking as listed pointwise hereunder and lend your name on this board in support of my little effort. Sometimes, I think, what a better world it would be, if all the defence expenditure of respective countries goes for other development work.

1. All International Disputed sites must be administered under the control of United Nations.

2. An International law for Administration of International Disputed Sites must be laid down.

3. 2 or 3 Km. on both sides of the international borders must be given to United Nations for Armed Forces of United Nations.

4. Existing Disputed sites like Kashmir must be given equal participation by parties to dispute under UN Act. All incomes must be retained only for development of respective sites after deducting expenditures.

5. All future disputed sites must come under this new Act. Certian norms may be constituted for the purpose.

6. All Armed Forces of the world must be merged with United Nations.This way all expenditures of Defence will go for other development activities of the respective countries.

Ajay Goyal

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