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  Vol VII : issue 3&4


  Ashis Nandy
  George Fernandes
  Jaya Jaitly
  Uma Varatharajan
  Rashid Haider
  Santosh Rana

  Prakash Singh
  Joy Goswami
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Poverty, war and peace - Amartya Sen argues that the roots of human insecurity and violence must be sought in an integrated view of social, cultural, historical and economic factors, and not in simplistic theories of civilizational clash or plain inequity.
The Evergreen Revolution - M.S. Swaminathan looks forward to a policy shift from the food security of South Asia’s aggregate population to the nutrition security of the individual.
The clash within - The ‘clash of civilizations’ is a clash within the self, says Martha Nussbaum, between the urge to dominate and defile the other and a willingness to live respectfully.
Life gets cheaper - Human rights in Pakistan have been so severely undermined by the courts and legislatures that, in its 60th year, the country’s citizens cannot count on even the right to life, says I.A. Rehman.
Poverty, war and peace - Using the army for internal security can be harmful, apart from being a poor substitute for good governance, the decommunalisation of the polity and a revamp of our intelligence system, writes former Army Chief, General V.P. Malik.
Sparring with shadows - Terrorism is a grave and enduring condition in India requiring well-planned solutions, says K.P.S. Gill, emergency responses are miserably inadequate.
Bird’s eye view - Intelligence Bureau veteran Maloy Krishna Dhar provides a ready reckoner of India’s million mutinies and the faultlines in which they took root.
In praise of bluntness - While sophisticated techniques of affirmative action are laudable, they are unlikely to work as well as quotas in education
No peace without war - Exasperated with the never-ending Indo-Pak peace process, Ajai Sahni proposes that the only way to solve the Kashmir problem is to contain Pakistan.
Sri Lanka’s crisis - With both warring parties disregarding the right to life, only international intervention can save the citizens of Sri Lanka, says Jayadeva Uyangoda.
Necklace of insecurity - Pointing to the success of the India-Nepal border arrangement, Kanak Mani Dixit argues for the opening up of South Asia’s borders.
Letter from jail (First Person) - Imprisoned Bangladeshi professor A. Al Mamun muses about personal and national insecurities.
With impunity - The widely hated Armed Forces Special Powers Act has to go before there can be lasting peace in the Northeast, says Sanjoy Hazarika.
The crime of association - The arrest and continued detention of Dr Binayak Sen suggests that it is now a crime against the state to even know a Maoist, writes Anand Grover.
Ruling by fear - The leading source of our insecurity is not the Maoists, but the gap between people’s needs and the rulers’ priorities, and extra-judicial repression, says Naxalite leader Dipankar Bhattacharya.
Living dangerously - A.K. Shivakumar looks at issues of health, gender and environment and takes a grim view of human security in India.
Development no object - Amit Dasgupta on globalisation, changing social realities and economic security.
State, sovereignty and self - Vinay Lal on the conundrums of security in a world ravaged by terror.
Jayanta Mahapatra - A wound opens somewhere (English)
Kamala Das - Timepiece (English)
Keki N. Daruwalla - A taxidermist’s ditty — (English)
K. Satchidanandan - Nandi (English)
Kumar Vikal - Children of troubled times (Translated from the Hindi by Nirupama Dutt)
Gulzar - Hiroshima (Translated from the Urdu by Pratik Kanjilal)
Hayat Mahmood - Jeep (Translated from the Bengali by Antara Dev Sen)
Varavara Rao - Afraid of the earth (Translated from the Telugu by N. Venugopal)
Shanta Acharya - Dispossessed (English)
Girdhar Rathi - Defending God (Translated from the Hindi by the poet)
Balbir Madhopuri - Ma tells me (Translated from the Punjabi by Gyan Singh)
Shafi Shauq - Kashmir (Translated from the Kashmiri by the poet)
Marshal Hembram - Then I must pick up the bow (Translated from the Santhali
by the poet and Antara Dev Sen)
A.J. Thomas - Why is this man sitting out? (English)
Sukrita Paul Kumar - Night shelters for the homeless (English)
Moin Qazi - Reprieve (English)
Durga Vijaykumar - OCD (English)
Shibram Chakravarty - Till debt do us part (Translated from the Bengali by Kaushik Basu)
Shrilal Shukla - She forgives no one (Translated from the Hindi by Pratik Kanjilal)
Keki N. Daruwalla - Village idiot (English)
Gulzar - Terror (Translated from the Urdu by Pratik Kanjilal)
V.P. Shivakumar - The twelfth hour (Translated from the A.J. Thomas and Pratik Kanjilal)
Temsula Ao - The letter (English)
Gulzar Mohammad Goria - Junction (Translated from the Punjabi by Nirupama Dutt and Pratik Kanjilal)
Ratanlal Shant - The crane (Ttranslated from the Kashmiri by Shafi Shauq)
Plus - about 30 books reviewed
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